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Many autistic females don’t receive a diagnosis until they reach middle age.  What behaviors were being exhibited by this young female in order for a diagnosis to have been made so early? Was it difficult getting help and was it very expensive to test a young child? 

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Alzheimer disease
We had such a good show last week, that we are rebroadcasting it for others to hear and learn and consider about Early Onset Dementia. Listen tonight , 04-14-2017 as we delve into early onset dementia with me, Jenny White.
The Mayo Clinic says that early onset dementia is a condition that occurs before the age of 65, and that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are closely related. How do I handle news that could possibly mean that at sometime in the future I may not be able to remember my family or my friends? How do I live my life in the present without constantly thinking about what’s going to happen? Everyday I wake up I wonder if this is the day that my entire memory will be gone and my family puts me in a facility. However, I guess the good news will be that I won’t know anything about it.
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We have had a wonderful time discussing special needs on my show. But did you know that I am a children’s writer and the author of the Junior Rabbit Series. Well, please join me this Friday, December 16, 2016 for It’s Story Time With Jenny on “Let’s Talk About It With Jenny White.  You can purchase my series on just in time for Christmas. Just click the title of each book below to go to Amazon and purchase them.


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In one of my stories there is someone with special needs. Join me to find out who.

A Surprise for Junior


Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake


Junior Rabbit Learns About Christmas