Harriet Tubman Memorial Statue -  Harlem, New York

Tonight on Let’s Talk About it With Jenny White, Jenny and her guests will discuss myths about slavery.  Click on the link below and join in the conversation that will ever be a black mark on this nation.  

Call in to speak with the host at (646) 668-8485 and press the number 1 to weigh in with your comments or questions.

The five things people get wrong about slavery: The myth that slaves never rebelled; that house slaves had it better than field slaves; that abolition was the end of racism; that history class taught us everything we needed to know about slavery; and the best one of all is, that slavery doesn’t exist today.

In August 1619, the first ship with 20 plus enslaved Africans arrives on the shores of Virginia. Four hundred years later, we look back at this moment as the start of an enduring relationship between the founding of the United States and the unconscionable exploitation of the enslaved.

An article in the New York Times Magazine stated that the enslaved and their descendants transformed the lands to which they’d been brought into some of the most successful colonies in the British Empire.

I’m waiting to hear from you. Call and let’s talk about it with Jenny White.





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