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Why are our Churches Targets for Crime?

Armed Criminal With a Gun


Join me tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST as we discuss why are churches have become targets for crime. Call 646.668.8485 to listen and press the number 1 to be live with your questions or comments. Let’s talk about it.

There was a time when a person would not curse or smoke when walking past a church. These days persons are not only cursing and smoking as they past by, but some are smoking and cursing inside the church.  

In South Carolina, Dylann Roof, a terrorist and white supremacist, went into a church and killed nine people.  When he was apprehended in North Carolina, he was said to have told the policemen he was hungry and  they bought him something to eat.  Seems to me, that was his reward for killing Black people.

Recently, our lawmakers signed a bill that those who have concealed carry permits may take their guns across state lines no matter what the other state’s laws are. If you would like to join the conversation call 646-668-8485 or download stitcher on your electronic device or go to to listen.


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It is not entirely clear why the increased frequency of bed bugs has hit the United States recently. Maybe because of the frequent reports of bed bugs in hotels. It was common once for hotel rooms to be sprayed along the baseboards for control of a broad list of pests.

Baits and very specific biological controls were introduced into the processes we used to get rid of them and bed bugs were caught up in the net of routine pest control services. 

According to the internet, a dirty house has little to do with where the infestation of bed bugs come from, but they are very good hitchhikers. They jump aboard your luggage or clothing unknowingly and stow away until you get home.

There’s a possibility they came from your neighbors, and if you want to know more about these “nasty little critters,” just call 646-668-8485 or download stitcher on your electronic device or go to