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Does Hospice care work for all individuals?

Dying woman in bed with caring man

According to Google, hospice is a program designed to provide palliative care, which is a drug or medical treatment that reduces pain without curing the cause of the pain, and emotional support to the terminally ill in a home or homelike setting so that quality of life is maintained and family members may be active participants in care.

Originally, palliative care was developed for people with terminal illness. But within the past decade, it has become a medical specialty that focuses on a much broader range of serious or life-threatening diseases.

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Join Jenny White tonight as she talk about the black man in america. She has a very special guest, who believes in reparations for African-Americans and that as a people we will ultimately be blessed by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
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Let’s Talk About It with Jenny White/The Black man in America
What has happened to the Black man in America today? They were brought here without their permission and forced to become slaves of a people who disrespected, mistreated and physically beat them. Not allowing them to have any rights at all. Then Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 which changed the lives of the Black man and he became legally free. In 1887 two former slaves, bought 840 acres of land from the Louisville-New Orleans & Texas railroad for $7 an acre and created a thriving successful community of 4,000 people who were 99.6% Black. Today, there are only 1,500 residents struggling to survive.