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We’re gonna have a fun ride around the world in one hour. FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS!

Join Jenny tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST Call 646.668.8485 to listen and press the number 1 to be live with your questions or comments.  Or click the link below to listen online. Whatever you do, be on time we’re taking off at 8:00 p.m.

plane in the sky

This show is how to travel around the world in an hour.  We will learn all about the travel industry and how it works.  It’s about finding a consultant and knowing when you use the apps like Expedia and the rest, that you’re still using a consultant.  The difference is if or when you have an issue with your destination and need some assistance on how to get it resolved, that Expedia and all the rest will not be able to help.



Author of two Children's books, "A Surprise for Junior" and "Loony the Loon and the Littered Lake". I am a retired Special education teacher with four children and twelve grandchildren. I have a passion for children reading and getting them into the habit of reading at early ages.

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