What do you do when the diagnosis is cancer?

Sometimes a trip to the doctor can be a horrible experience, especially if the test came back positive. So now what do you do? How do you tell your family that you might die or do you tell them at all? Do you start paying for your burial? If you have young children what happens to them after you’re gone? Who will take care of them? What happens when your hair falls out? Do you wear a wig or are you brave enough to let everyone see your bald head? Do you worry that the treatments won’t work and your family will eventually have to know? Does your situation seem hopeless?
We’ve all been affected by cancer, either personally or because of a loved one. 
Join me tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST as we discuss this topic. 646.668.8485 to listen and press 1 to be live and join the discussion.  

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