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I have always believed that the first group of people who inhabited this land were the Indians. I’ve  recently been told that Black people were here before them.  The Bering Strait was the avenue on which these people were able to leave Africa, cross over into Siberia, then into Alaska and then cross into what later would become America. I don’t really know what or how I feel about this information.  I will certainly have to do a lot of research in order to wrap my head around this idea.  We will speak to a historian of the Historical Second Baptist Church in downtown Detroit. my guest co-host, which housed the underground railroad the slaves used to travel to freedom. 

Join us at 8:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 10, 2017 as we talk about how much of our black history we really know.

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A police car and sport utility vehicle parked in front of a white background.  The clipping path for the white area is included.


Tonight on Let’s Talk About It With Jenny White, I present the 3rd conversation with Officer Reggie Barnes. This topic has gendered so much conversation and it has produced comments that are couched in reason and logic and not just anger.  So join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. Call in to listen at 646.668.8485 and to comment, press the number 1 to be live.  The link to the show is below. 


We are told when we’re young that the policeman is our friend.  As we have grown up, our thoughts about them have changed.  We no longer think of them as our friends because they have murdered so many of our Black men.  They have a fear of Black men and any time they can use their authority to take advantage of them, they do it.  It’s no wonder that recently policemen have been targeted and killed themselves.  I don’t think that a you kill us and we will retaliate and kill you attitude will be what will solve the problem of policing in America.  I also don’t think that with Jefferson B. Sessions becoming the Attorney General of the United States, will help alleviate any of the problems in our police departments because he is not a proponent of police reform.  The only solution to our situation as far as the government is concerned, as I see it, is PRAYER! (and lots of it!)

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